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How do I repair my Brother laser printer?

To use a Brother printer for a long time, you need to repair it from time to time. You can do it at home without having to go anywhere, the procedure is simple and you can do it on your own. In case you were wondering, you should read this post for all the details.

To start the maintenance process for your printer, you must start it by enabling Maintenance Mode. And that can be done by following the simple steps given. So, check them out.

To get started, unplug the power…

Zebra Printer Troubleshooting Guide

Zebra Printer is very famous for printing labels. These printers are quite reliable and easy to use. But, as with the other devices, Zebra printers can also go wrong, and in that scenario, troubleshooting the Zebra printer is very important to correct the errors. To ensure that your Zebra printer continues to run smoothly, follow the Zebra printer troubleshooting guidelines and troubleshoot printer related problems.

Basic troubleshooting steps fix printer problems:

1-Open your Zebra button using the button on the side. The exact location of the button may vary from model to model. …

Printer concerns are essentially ways of complaining about printer applications, internal challenges, and networking. Any fixes can be identified by simply turning your brother’s printer on and off or simply plugging and unplugging the power cord. However, if the typical errors recur, it may be time to restart the printer.

To restore factory default settings and solve, how do I reset a Brother printer? This problem will be solved by following these steps, turning off the printer and unplugging the power cord for 30 seconds and then reconnecting it. Click and hold to restart for 10–20 seconds and turn on…

Before cancelling your JetBlue flight ticket know full info on Jetblue Cancellation policy thoroughly to avoid any additional fee. Also, know how to cancel a flight within 24 hours.

Jetblue Cancellation Policy

When booking tickets with JetBlue airways, it is obvious that some money is charged to get a confirmed reservation to fly to the desired destination. But for whatever reason you want to cancel or change the ticket you booked with JetBlue Airways, you can do so by contacting the official JetBlue site or the Customer Service Center.

The money you invested to reserve tickets can be refundable and sometimes non-refundable. Although at the time of booking, it has been mentioned that if the box is checked, the fees will be refunded or the ticket is non-refundable.

In case you have…

With Cancellation Protection, you get a full ticket refund if you or a close family member falls ill. See how it works and book now.

Norwegian Airlines always makes some changes to its cancellation policy. For this reason, the passenger does not get accurate information about the flight cancellation ticket. So for some reason, he canceled his plan but booked his plane ticket on Norwegian Airlines. So don’t worry, because he will get here the complete and clear details of the Norwegian airline’s cancellation policy with easy flight cancellation techniques. Just follow the steps below.

Norwegian Air cancellation policy?

Suppose you have booked your plane ticket on Norwegian airlines and due to some specific reasons you are unable to attend your trip, you have the option to cancel your…

Aer Lingus Cancellation Policy

A cancellation refund would be granted to those who made a full cancellation request through our refund request form. You can even download the form from the customer service section of our website.

A special case of cancellation due to a delay would be considered a viable reason for a full refund excluding the government. taxes. Aer lingus cancellation policy is based on your prior registration via the refund request form. Any cancellation made prior to your scheduled departure will be considered under the applicable refundable cancellation fee. …

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Your iPhone profile picture looks soothing whenever you open stock apps like Settings or the App Store. It’s purely cosmetic, but adds a little personality to the equipment. The same picture syncs on iCloud and also appears on the rest of your Apple device.
But sometimes, the iCloud profile picture may not update or appear properly on your iPhone — you may see an older photo, a blank icon, or your initials instead. The following troubleshooting tips should help you solve that.

Also Read —

1. Select Apple ID
If your iPhone’s profile picture doesn’t update or appear within native…

Do You Face Any Problem? Contact 1–888–409–0908 For Quick help

Gmail is so popular that even iPhone users prefer it. Being popular does not mean that something is perfect and bug-free. All applications suffer from bugs and emit errors. And this happens when we want to use them the most, it seems. For example, some iPhone users complain that they do not receive Gmail notifications on their iPhone device.
Push notifications are how we stay up to date on Gmail and the myriad of other applications we can do every day. Failure to receive timely notifications can disrupt the workflow, cause delays, and result in serious issues. Let’s find out why…

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Google Chrome comes with its own integrated password manager. That’s very convenient if you have a Google Account since you get to sync your passwords between devices. And if you use Chrome on your iPhone, you can also configure the device to automatically fill in your Chrome passwords in other applications. The good news is that you don’t even have to open Chrome to do this.

Use Google Chrome Phone Passwords for Automatic Featured Filling
As long as you use Google Chrome version 85.0 …

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Microsoft Edge is my go-to browser on mobile and desktop. The browser works on all platforms, feels faster than the Google Chrome market leader, and is compatible with all the Chromium extensions that your favorite browser has in the past. However, Edge’s experience is irrelevant. After the Windows update, Microsoft Edge will automatically open for the first time. Another issue is, sometimes the Edge browser stops responding to Windows.
And users cannot simply switch to any other Edge method as they have browsing history, extensions, bookmarks, and passwords stored in the Edge browser. …


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