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How to Fix Microsoft Edge Not Opening on Windows 10

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Microsoft Edge is my go-to browser on mobile and desktop. The browser works on all platforms, feels faster than the Google Chrome market leader, and is compatible with all the Chromium extensions that your favorite browser has in the past. However, Edge’s experience is irrelevant. After the Windows update, Microsoft Edge will automatically open for the first time. Another issue is, sometimes the Edge browser stops responding to Windows.
And users cannot simply switch to any other Edge method as they have browsing history, extensions, bookmarks, and passwords stored in the Edge browser. Although it is possible to transfer data from one Edge browser to another but the change is not as smooth as people think.

Instead, you can follow this guide and fix that Microsoft Edge is not responding to errors. Check out the step-by-step instructions below and worry about Edge issues on Windows.
Let’s take the first step in problem solving to solve the Edge issue. You should check if your device is connected to a stable internet connection.

Open the Apple App on Windows 10 (Use Windows + I shortcut). Go to Network & Internet> Position and make sure it says ‘You are connected to the Internet’.
If that is the case, you will also want to try internet connection with another browser to see if this issue is only relevant to Edge. Open Google Chrome or Firefox and try opening a few sites.

If you can’t connect to the web using some browsers, you know there’s still a problem with your internet connection and not Edge. On the flip side, if the other browser is properly connected, the issue is only with the Edge browser, and you can continue with our troubleshooting guide.
Bad cache can ruin your day. It is always safe to clear the cache, so there is no reason not to try.

If there is a heavy load of data in your Microsoft Edge, that may cause the browser to slow down or stop responding altogether.

If Microsoft Edge does not respond within Windows 10, you may be able to clear your browser history, cache, and cookies for your browser.

Step 1: Open Microsoft Edge and tap on the top three menu.

Step 2: Go to Settings> Privacy, Search, and Services.

Step 3: Navigate to Delete Browsing data> Select What to Remove.
Step 4: Select Cookies and Cache and hit Clear data below.

Then restart Microsoft Edge browser and check if problems with Gege not responding are resolved.
Sometimes Edge stops responding because the tabs you closed over time will never close patterns. These Edge features add up and use a lot of RAM. The process eventually leads to Microsoft Edge cracking, cooling, or not opening at all.

Follow the steps below to close Edge completely on Windows 10.

Step 1: Press the Windows key and open the start menu.

Step 2: Type Task Manager and tap enter to open the program.

Step 3: Right-click on the top level of the Microsoft Edge system (which has a number next to it) and select End Task.

It will shut down all running Edge systems, free up RAM space, and allow you to restart Edge. You should also look for other systems that run in the background. Close unnecessary, and that should free up a lot of RAM space on your Windows 10 device.
As you already know, Microsoft Edge is based on Google’s Chromium engine. For that matter, it works perfectly well with all the extensions of Google Chrome. Using add-ons, one can add additional features to the original Edge interface and functionality.

Thus, some may not be properly secured, may not be outdated, or may develop into a new Edge constructive.

If you have a lot of Edge extensions installed, it can be difficult to determine which causes the issue. Because of that, the simple solution is to turn off all the extras and enable the only thing you need one at a time.

Step 1: Click on the three-ash menu on the Home screen.
Step 2: Go to the Add menu and select Remove to delete extensions.

Websites that use trackers to collect information about your browser. Websites can use this info to optimize sites and show you content like a personal ad. Some followers collect and send your info to sites you have not visited. Microsoft provides a comprehensive tracking protection solution for blocking trackers, malware, and ads

Forever, it is installed on Balanced, but if you switch to Strict Protection, that set may affect some of the websites you visit.
Open Microsoft Edge Programs> Privacy, Search, and Services> Copy protection, and switch to Stable mode.

It can be helpful because there are times when the wrong recovery can end up causing issues with Edge, especially if you are enabling Edge beta build.

Follow the steps below to configure all settings on the Edge browser.

Step 1: Open Microsoft Edge and start the installation.
Step 2: Go to Reset Settings and confirm your options.

Just remember that this will erase all your extensions, clearing small data, and deleting all cookies. Thus, it will not affect your bookmarks, history, and passwords.

Microsoft delivers Edge updates through Windows Update. If the problem that you are experiencing is widespread, the company may be working on a solution.

Once that answer arrives, you will get it through Windows Update.

Download windows to fix
So, just head over to Settings> Restore & Security, and look for upgrades.